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Brad sullivan

Brad Sullivan

& The Kettlewell Band

Soft Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Rock

Record Label – Moodee Cactus Records

Kettlewell is the songwriter Brad Sullivan and his dearest companions! The sound of Kettlewell is soft rock with a classic vibe. Influenced by Paul McCartney, The Doobie Brothers, Motown & 90’s Rock.

Brad delivers music you sing with your friends where songs linger in your head for days.  Coming from Upstate New York and Texas, he has been writing and playing music for many years while accompanying many great bands during recording sessions.

On a personal note, Brad Sullivan is a driven, hard-working and charming guy where his looks enchants the ladies and his singing captivates your heart!  His motto:  “Love Life, Stay Positive!”

Get ready! It’s around the corner!  His newest upcoming single release “Drug I’m Looking For” should be released within the next 3-4 months.  The seductive video is in the works! We will be hosting a live concert once it is released and will announce ticket sales and dates soon.

Brad Sullivan – Singer/Songwriter, Lead Guitar

Tanya Howard – Band Manager

Robert Bogart at The Beetle Studio – Producer/Engineer

Stephen Goodson – Band Member

Stay tuned and get mooooodee with Brad Sullivan!

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