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Carolina Rambler

Folk Music, Country, Hillbilly Swing, Delta Blues

We welcome Carolina Rambler to Moodee Cactus Records!  Get ready for his harmonious uplifting folk style music.  Original Singer Songwriter from the ‘ol-time country trend to the dirty delta blues where his traveling folk music brings the untold stories of the roads and rails!  He shares the soul he’s found along his way; calling you home and lifting your spirit.  He’ll fill your heart with pure memorable melodies before hopping on that next train!

Carolina Rambler is from the swampy coastal parts of South Carolina and has now landed in the beautiful eclectic Eureka Springs surrounded by the backdrop of the Ozark Mountains.  And our curious rambler is now heading to reside in Dallas, Texas soon to be near me (Tanya Howard/Band Manager), who has lots of performance gigs in the works for him.

How did he arrive at Moodee?  While I was traveling through Eureka Springs (August 2020) with my camera in hand, notepad in my head and capturing pix of the quaint downtown area, I happened to walk by a musician playing his harmonica and strumming a folk medley in the plaza.  After taking about ten steps, I stopped, listened and turned back to introduce myself.  The magic began there.  Just to show you for an Artist to “be in the right place at the right time” AND knowing “what to do with that time”…is most important!

He is currently working on his new album “Patchwork” where you will be railing along with him!  His upcoming new single release “False Hope” is a heartfelt adventure of holding on.  While busy finishing up the full collection, an invigorating video will soon follow. We will be hosting a live concert once it is released and will announce ticket sales and dates soon.

Stay tuned and get mooooodee with Carolina Rambler!


Carolina Rambler – Lead Singer/Songwriter, Harmonica, Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Piano & more!

Craig Cortez – Lead Guitar, Keboards

Tanya Howard – Band Manager, Head of Moodee Cactus Records

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