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faceless ms


Alternative, Metal, Rock, Progressive

Record Label – Moodee Cactus Records

Straight out of the deep south Gulfport, Mississippi, Faceless MS slams into your hearts and minds with their powerful heavy metal rock.  The band is driven with aggressive guitar melodies along with pureness in vocals and lyrics. 

Carl Shank pulls their band together 3 nights a week for hard driven rehearsals and creative songwriting.  He was previously signed by Sony Records, with the band Lithium and passed the golden sales!  Moodee Cactus Records is elated to have Faceless MS and expecting bombshell blasts from their approaching album!

Their intense upcoming single “On The Dark Side” should be released within 3-4 months.  It is in-house now gaining all the push with copyrights, distribution and publication.  They are currently working on the video release. We will be hosting a live concert once it is released and will announce ticket sales and dates soon.

Stay tuned and get mooooodee with Faceless MS!


Jennifer Ann Dunham – Band Manager

Carl Shank – Lead Guitar, Songwriter

Peter Quill (Kevin Gordon) – Drummer

David Reilly – Bassist

Matt Dillon – Singer/Songwriter, Guitar

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