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Jonny Ford & The Outlaw Harvest Band

Funk Blues, Groove, Eclectic Rock, Reggae Metal, Smooth Jam


Band Manager: Tanya Howard

For Jonny, to be a real bluesman ya gotta have mileage and he has just that!  He loves how “life is a highway” and feels the joy of rocking when he takes the stage.  He has toured all across America and loves the heartbeat you get when performing for people in all parts of our country!

He has a strong eclectic style and magical with his lyrical wizardry!  His positive vibrational songs give you a feeling of hope and wisdom where he shares his music with the world.

Multitalented Jonny Ford plays tenor sax, guitar, bass and many other instruments.  He has shared the stage with Billboard Charting topping Reggae Band and Fortunate Youth.  Originally from the Saint Louis area, he now resides in Corpus Christie, Texas where he is inspired daily by the ocean waves right outside his door.

He is currently working hard in the studio with the guys in getting his upcoming album perfect for release.  We will be hosting a live concert once it is released and will announce ticket sales and dates soon.

Stay tuned and get mooooodee with Jonny Ford!

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