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Jazz/Pop, Contemporary Jazz, R&B

Record Label – Count Zero Records

Band Manager – Tanya Howard, Head of Moodee Cactus Records

Karma’s Tea is a hot jazzy duet signed with Count Zero Records, our parent company.  Their music is seductively soulful and will leave you speechless while humming their songs in your head for days.

Mystina Soul has toured nationally in many bands including top legends such as Michael Jackson at Webster Hall in 2002, Constantine Maroulis (of American Idol) and Tony Award winning-actress, Lena Hall.

Mike Desroches accompanies Mystina in composing, singing and musical instrumentations as well as producing and engineering.  He previously toured with in the Skynyrd Legends Tour and fronted an impressive Chick Corea Fusion band in New York. 

Together they wrapped up 2020 with over 20,000 plays for their single “What Do You Do” on Spotify! They are currently working hard in the studio every day with their upcoming new single “Come, Come Down” and have already set the date to film the video.  We will be hosting a live concert once it is released and will announce ticket sales and dates soon.

Stay tuned for more sizzling soulful Latino rhythms!


Mystina Soul – Singer/Songwriter

Michael Desroches – Keyboards, Singer/Songwriter

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